It has begun....

...the quest on making my own prop and costume for next years convention!
and where do we start? of course the prop!

Out of all, it seems the prop might need the most of the time available to be done. Why?
Well because of my son of course. I rather do not give up on spending time with him while
crafting myself a prop. And what is this prop?
A bow. And I'm going for as realistic look as possible, which means handcarving and
wood bending. I've been reading a lot about this subject lately and been practicing with
popsicle sticks. It should come out alright, I hope. I rather want wooden one, than
plastic, since once the outfit retires the bow can be reused in other costumes 
(like in a medieval faire), and my son can use it as a toy when he grows up. Naturally 
I would be crafting also dull arrows, that cannot hurt anyone. I'm so excited about
this project.

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