Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows part 2

Went to see the movie yesterday, and I have to say - it was AWESOME. Even though there was some stuff, I didn't quite agree on - and some parts where really REALLY left out (a.k.a Remus and Tonks Son, as well as Bill's and Fleur's daughter), and some scenes just didn't hit. Put in overall, it was awesome and worth of seeing.

This weekend, it's Animecon time! Haven't been in cons for a while (due being busy and being pregnant last year.) and I've been thinking of DIY lolita costume for this year, possibly.

I have two dresses I could use - one would be from Rakuen's own line and one would be done by combining objects together (and yes, Kiku - I've been thinking of using the ANIMAL. Animal is nickname for my long - quite cheesy-ish blonde wig.)

I have grown to love (once again) Ice cream latte's. Particularly with vanilla and mint chocolate flavours.

I'll be adding to my recipe blog soon, how I do them.

Here is some music
Tomoyo Mitani - Liar's Smile 

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