New Graphic Tablet!

Hallelujah I say!
I ordered last september pen to my WACOM Volito2, and unfortunately that did fail. First I had to wait until DECEMBER, that the pen would finally arrive, and then they SOLD IT on, before I managed to go and get it. And I can tell you, that did piss me off. In all fairness, bad service! And thus, I won't be using them again, unless I honestly have to.

So week ago, on Sunday I decided, that heck I need the new tablet, thus I bought it online. And needless to say, it arrived here on time, and it was brought behind my very on door. So what tablet, when and what?

WACOM BAMBOO FUN PEN & TOUCH! Now everyone rejoice. I finally get to work bit faster. I don't hate drawing with mouse, but having a pen helps a lot. Extremely since, I do need a new scanner. Hah hah, for that. I would also need a printer. But we see what I am able to do. Just to celebrate my new Tablet, here is what I did last night in one hour:
My friend requested, that I would draw her fursona-self a long time ago, and that version failed miserably. Now couple of months afterwards, this is the new result. It is currently under "WIP" status, but I will update, as soon as it's getting finished. I just love my tablet.

I had a friend over from friday to saturday, and another came by on quick visit on saturday. It seems, that after having a child, people seem to come here more frequently. I do find it funny, but my son is so adorable. 

Also on friday (I think it was friday) - I was discussing with my friends, that why on earth some of the commercial baby foods in here, are basically like pure liquid?

True, I understand, that them might be easier to swallow and all - but I have a son, who has bad habit to spit it out and throw up, if the food is way too much like liquid. But the food was purely like pureed soup, and I don't think that's normal?
Only thing this taught me, was to stick to two Swedish Brands: Semper and HiPP. My son loves the both, and them actually taste like real food (I have bad habit to eat baby food myself as well, and I'm very picky with taste. I think, this might have something to do with my cook background.). Both them are quite thick in texture, and easier for my son to eat. 

But I am now thanking my friend Kiku, for the fact, that thanks to her - I was able to get Moccamaster. Kiku, you rock! And Mikael loves his CD. 
And big thanks to Kati! Pok√©mon cubes rock, and Mikael needs them. Now Mikael is on his way to become AnimeOtaku, who enjoys Pop and Metal. And RAP. Where on earth that comes from? My son is musical. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. 

Today's cool stuff: DIY stuff. 

Need arm warmers? 
Cut off the "foot" part from the socks, that you would otherwise throw to a bin. At least you can celebrate of having UNIQUE ones.
TIP: Do you play an instrument, draw, write or otherwise use your hands a lot? Are you getting tendonities way too easily? Arm warmers are quite good aid in preventing tendonitis. Tried and proven effective by me and my former piano teacher.
Now I leave you to enjoy music...

See-Saw - Senya Ichiya

This particular song is the tune of .hack//Liminality and it's played also in .hack//SIGN, before going through the eye of the Twilight. Needles to say, we recommend this song highly with my son.


★ Teach me to sew ★

Since I suck at it. Currently on my list  
And hopefully, will be someday able to do replicas out of.

★ Source ★