I will be going on hiatus, as I've been for a long with this blog :) Will be hopefully returning soon with new upgraded blog with other texts. I have new project going on.


I am in.... SHOE HELL

My wedding is coming up faster than a speed of lightning.

However I've faced two types of new problems - that make me feel like OH-MY-GOD-WHY-DO-I-EXIST.

First of all: The Dress. We know wedding dresses are lovely (-birthdaycake ultimate meringue ones) - and we all wants to look more or less like a princess. Well, I've had total of two official fittings (and few minors ones) - and the end result has been the same. "We have to alter the dress a lot to suit for your body type."

Oh wait, WHAT.

Yes. Indeed. Why? I explain why.
I am quite curvy (not by personal choice.) - and I'm blessed (or cursed) - with very very narrow waist and slim shoulders. However I have quite broad hips (I have latino bum, yay?) and I'm quite well-grown on the bust side. Well, that all is no problem - but I have.... SHORTER BACK than most of the women in country, and cursed long legs. I've been trying to work out though (though the problem is not the size - the problem is that my back is just so ARGHT!).

And then the shoes. Someone-please-shoot-me-now.

Here's the list of what I hate about this shoe dilemma

1. I don't know how to walk with heels
2. Even if I would, I could not walk with the heels
3. Due my toe problems (Mainly the fact, that them are mean) - it is not recommended that I walk with peep-toe shoes (this is btw recommended by my doctor as well)
4. Also the shoes cannot have a narrow head. (Also by doctor's recommendations.)
5. Due my current ankle issue (Which is BAD - I tell you) - I should not even concider high heels (I don't even want high heels)
6. I need shoes that hide my ankle support
7. My Feet are too small. I still buy my stuff on kiddy sides