Major case of laughing my ass off

..and rolling on the floor, while having problems to breathe.

Here is the thing - and I am NOT EVEN KIDDING about this.

I bought with my boyfriend a dryer for us two days ago, with a good deal to help out with the home chores, and so - that I would have more time to spend with my child and have even some free-time during my day. Well guess what?

My boyfriend told his parents about this, and that he will be paying back (and gave the reasons mentioned above.) - and the return e-mail was hilarious.

Not only we apparently made a stupid mistake buying this "Luxury item" - we also have to return it and get our money back. I put most of my own money into it, and some of the money they gave us to go on running costs, such as food and so (like it had already went.) and we had been talking a long time about getting the dryer, ad my parents had been pestering me to get it. Not only I suffered from full laundry baskets, since my son is EXTREMELY prone to throw up, I also had no time to keep washing. In fact, I could only wash out a ONE FULL WASH of clother per day, since drying the clothing took day, if not best cases TWO - if I decided to dry them outside. And I have two cats, who shed. And you can add this combination as = clean, FUR COVERED clothing, that I was cleaning with long teeth for hours to get to look even partially decent to go out with (and then realise it won't work.). Also my cats love the horses, they also love to pull them down. You know, cats, right?

Also added to my daily schedule - that is filled with cleaning, having a dryer seems like a good deal. I get laundry done while cleaning, just fill them up, and fold off the washed ones. End result? Laundry day once a week. To me? HEAVEN ON EARTH.

But even so, they are still determined that we should return it and get the money back, since apparently I'm supposed to be a home-maker and life in front of the stove.

I SAY, FORGET IT! Dryer stays.

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