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So what's up? A lot - let me tell you that!
Mikael is growing up splendidly. Drank from his sippy cup on his own today <3.
I also started yesterday a blog for my kittycats (in finnish at the time though!).
We also having two kitties coming :) Finally my boys get to play with their full heart.
I have training at work/practical training starting next week and I have NO PLACE. Why? Well remember where I worked?
Yep. That place. My boss contacted me this morning and said my contract has been cut off. No reason given. I suspect it might be either because I'm ill, or that I was off because my son has been really ill. It cannot be that I sucked so bad? I was getting better and better each day, and I had pretty nice shifts. Maybe because the boss didn't like me?
Whatever the thing is, I am do not absolutely care now. The place had very ugh... air in there. Many people quit their job there because they had fights and god knows what. Some people couldn't get any work. Or was the reason, that I needed do the training? Even based on that - any reason given is lame.
I mean, don't you think I deserve some sort of explanation, other than? "I don't need to give you an explanation." like HUH! And no thanks for working or so. Just mere, bye - go away.
Sorta ate off my self esteem, but I heard the place in the end had a very bad reputation. And it most likely will have it until forever. I don't know. I'm simply just fed up on that.
Thankfully getting fired do not mean problems with income, and as soon as I'm again fully charged, I will start looking for a new job. I am not letting one "who-cares-I'm-never-around-good-for-nothing-empty-promise-giving" bloke put me down.
And anyway, I've been interested working in fair centre and pet stores more these days, than in some good ol' fastfood place.
Btw, I have tomorrow a horror movie night :) Expecting awesome day that is!

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